I am Father Michael, welcome to my little corner of the internet. I don’t know what kind of pre-conceived notions you may have about priests or Christians or Anglicans, but I doubt I fit many of them. Thats not to say I’m cool or anything because I’m not, but I do try to keep things down to earth and grounded in reality.

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There’s more than one Epiphany going on here…

Today is the Feast Day of Epiphany.  (Tomorrow is actually Epiphany but we celebrate it in church today) The Twelve Days of Christmas are over! In most churches today, the focus is going to be on the gospel reading, which is the same reading every year. Matthew 2:1-12,which is the story of the Magi/Three Kings/Wise... Continue Reading →

St Elizabeth Ann Seton and John Porter

For many years now, I've been researching my family history and I'm always finding out cool little things. For instance, I knew that 6th Great Grandfather, John Porter came to the United States in the 1770's and settled in Maryland.  I recently received a document from an historian who told me this: Before proceeding with... Continue Reading →

The 12 Days of Christmas

An interesting thing has happened this year that I don't recall ever happening to me before.  The last few days, I've had several people ask me about the 12 Days of Christmas, one person even asking me if that's a "real thing".  The answer is YES, it is a real thing, but maybe not in... Continue Reading →

Grief Is A Weird Emotion

I've been thinking about writing about this for some time now but I can't seem to put into words want I want to say.  At least not in a cohesive way, so I might ramble a little here... or a lot, I don't know yet. Grief is weird because sometimes it hits you at completely... Continue Reading →

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